Best Roulette Games to Play

What are the best roulette games to play?

When you choose to sign up to an online casino site you will find that you can play roulette games for both very low stakes or high stakes, and thanks to each game being controlled by a random number generator you will be guaranteed of a completely random outcome on each spin of the wheel you chose to place a bet on.

However, be aware that many casino sites now have a range of live dealer games on offer and some casinos offer you the ability of playing live roulette games, the main differences between those games and the random number greater controlled games is that they are not played using computer graphics but are real life roulette games being played in land based casinos.

You can place your bets and wagers on those real life gaming tables from your own home by using the online betting options and the cyber-betting layout, however when these games go live a real life croupier will spin the wheel and you can then keep track of the ball via a live video stream which is fed in real time to your computer.

However, there are several different variants of roulette on offer at different online casinos and being a table game then you will be looking for the lowest house edge variants that give you the best chance so winning.

Therefore, as a player you should forget about ever playing any roulette game on which there are two zeros on the wheel and that is always going to be the American Roulette games as that extra zero means the house edge on those American Roulette variant are huge.

Instead opt to play the single zero variants as they offer much lower house edges than the American Roulette games.

If you only place bets on red or black or any of the other even money paying positions, then only play French Roulette variants online for real money as one of those games returns half of your long even money paying best whenever the one zero is spun in on the wheel. The other variants keep those bets on place for the next spin or until a zero is not spun in.

If you place bets on any of the other betting opportunities, then the European Roulette variant is the best one to play. For reference the house edge on even money paying bets on the French Roulette games is 1.35% and the house edge on the European Roulette game betting options are all 2.70%.

For a bit of trivia, is your roulette wheel made by Cammegh? This is a hugely popular manufacturer of wheels!

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