Lowest House Edge Online Blackjack Games

What are the lowest house edge available in online blackjack?

Never be in too much of a hurry to simply play the very first blackjack game you will see on offer at any online casinos that you choose to play at, for if you do you may end up playing a variant that will reduce your chances of winning, due to that game being designed with a high houseedge.

If you have no idea of what house edge is, then it is simply a theoretical amount of cash that each casino site is going to be expected to win over the long term play of their card and table games. Interested in understanding house edge for slots? We have you covered.

You will find that the lower the house edge is, the better the returns will be to you as a player, and the very best casino games you can play when you want to get the house edge down to the absolute minimum are blackjack games.

However, for any chance of you getting the house edge down to the lowest amount possible you much play that variant optimally. However, as every game will have a different expected long term house edge then you need to discover just which are the best games to play.

With that in mind we want to introduce you to two different blackjack game variants on offer at casinos powered by two different software gaming platforms which both offer the lowest house edge of any online blackjack games.

The first game worth playing is the Blackjack Switch game which you will find exclusively available at Playtech powered sites, now that game has a house edge when played perfectly of 0.16% and it is a game which comes with a very unusual playing strategy.

You will be dealt out two base game hands when playing Blackjack Switch and once you have been dealt out your two initial cards you then have the options before you make any of your bets and playing decisions of swapping one card from each hand to the other hand.

So do learn how to play that variant as with that low house edge you can achieve lots of winning hands when you know the right time to swap cards from one hand to the other!

Another very low house edge blackjack game you will find being offered to you at Microgaming powered casinos sites is the Classic Blackjack game. That game has a house edge of 0.13%, however be aware that we are talking about Microgaming’s single hand variant and not the multi-hand variant which has a much higher house edge.

That game is relatively easy to play and one way that you will ensure that you get the best returns form playing it if you are unsure of how to play off each hand optimally is for you to get a blackjackstrategy card for that game, as that will show you how to play off every single hand combination you will be dealt out based on the one card that the dealer is showing via his facing upwards card.

For an added bit of fun, practice working out what you should do before consulting your blackjack card! This added step will also prolong the fun.

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