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To help you fully understand about our very strict privacy policy that is in place throughout this entire website you will find out complete privacy policy. With that in mind please do spend a minute or so reading through it as y doing so you will understand how we use any information you supply and how we place cookies onto your computer or mobile device.

Using Your Information –As you look around our website you may find that you can sign up to our email newsletters or that you may be invited to leave posts and comments on our blog as a user of this website.

When you do either of those two things you will be required to furnish us with some of your own personal information, however that information will always be securely stored and will never be passed onto any third party company or organisations unless you have given us your permission to do so.

Cookies – To help us get to know what parts of the website you are visiting and the articles and blog posts you find most interesting; we will place a cookie onto your computer when you visit this site.

That cookie is completely optional and as such you are free to remove it from your computer at any time you like, however fi you do pay this site any additional visits then another cookie will be placed onto your computer for each additional visit you make to this website.

Third Party Websites – You may be interested in a range of websites that we have listed throughout this site, however kindly be aware that at no time can we be held responsible for any content you may find on any third party website we may have linked to from this website.