Working Out Single Slot Session RTP’s

Working Out RTP’s for a Single Slot Session

We often get asked how is it possible to know what payout percentages you achieved when playing one slot game for any amount of time. If that is something you are interested in doing, then below is a very easy to follow overview of how to work to your RTP for any one single slot playing session you have.

You will need to keep track of how much you wagered on each spin you played off and how many spins in total you played off doing any single session, which is going to be fairly easy to do if you tend to play for the same stake levels when playing only slot games.

You then have to keep track of how much money you won playing that one slot game, winnings are classed as any money that was credited to your casino account balance via any spun in winning combinations and bonus features around a base game spin and also any winnings you achieved by triggering a bonus game.

As some slot games offer a gamble feature then if you choose to take the gamble feature only include winnings achieved from the gamble game which was credited to your account and do not include any winnings you gambled on those gamble games but lost!

Once you know exactly how much you wagered and won then you simply need to divide your winnings by your stakes. We will give you two examples of how to work out your payout percentage using two different scenarios, as sometimes you will find a single slot playing session will see you winning over 100% and some will see you achieving a payout percentage of less than 100%.

So as an example if you have won 84.00 when playing any one single slot playing session and wagered on that slot 120.00 then dividing your winnings of 84.00 by the stakes of 120.00 you get an answer of 0.70. Now if the number before the decimal point as in our example is a zero followed by a decimal point then get rid of them and you are left with 70, and therefore your payout percentage for that session was 70%.

However, if you find yourwinnings arelarger than your stakes, and as an example let’s say you wagered 140.00 and won 230.00 then by dividing your winnings 230.00 by your total stakes of 140 you get 1.64 (to two decimal places), any number larger than zero as in this example will see you just removing the decimal point, and that leaves 164, and as such the payout percentage of that session is 164%!

The thing to remember about playing slot games however is that the payout percentages you are going to be achieving will bounce around all over the place, and some sessions will of course be winning ones and others will be losing ones.

However, as every slot game is random you will have a fair chance of winning, but always keep in mind you will have losing sessions too, so always set yourself some limits and stick to them!

Lots of player wish to know just what payout percentage they have achieved when playing slot games online, for if they ever do experience a terrible run of luck then that gives them a little more scope to badger the casino sites for a free bonus, and to be fair many casinos will always shower good customers with some free chips if those players have had a poor run of luck.

Also it is worth noting that every single casino that holds a UK Gambling Commission issued gambling license is going to be offering you a list of all of the expected long term payout percentages that all of their slot games have been set to return to players, and you will find that information listed on the casino websites.

However, as we have mentioned above even though a slot game for example might have beenset to return a payout percentage of some 98% then that does not mean you are always going to be getting that payout percentage at all times on every single slot playing session you have.

The longer you play any slot game for then the more likely your payout percentage you achieve on multiple slot playing sessions on the same slot will arrive at the expected long term payout percentage.

One other question that we do get asked a lot is in regards to which are the very highest paying slot games, and the answer to that question are the multi spin slot games which you will find on offer at online casinos that are powered by Playtech software.

You will of course find that you will enjoy playing some slot games more than others and with that in mind we would suggest you test out as many of them as you can, perhaps by using the free play option available to you from most online casino sites.

By test driving lots of different slots via the free play mode you can then whittle down the loss of slots on offer to a much small handpicked selection and then play those slots for real money if you want to play them online.

In regards to just which slot games tend to have the very lowest payout percentages attached to them, then you will find those slot games tend to be the progressive slot games.

The reasons why progressive slots do tend to have the very lowest payout percentages is that a small amount ofyour wagers are being used to feed and also seed the progressive jackpots on those slot games.

However, even though the payout percentages do tend to be quite low compared to other slot games on progressive slot games, remember you will have the chance to win a mega sized winning payout when you do decide to play progressive slot games online, so do consider giving some of them a whirl as your luck may just be about to turn for the better!

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