6 Helpful Pottery Tricks for Beginners

If you’ve recently enrolled yourself in pottery classes and seem a little lost, it is not a big deal. No matter what you’re learning for the first time, you will have some issues pursuing it no matter what. Therefore, you would always need some essential hacks and tricks to speed up your process. If you’re takingĀ pottery classes Perth then here are a few hacks to make your classes more enjoyable and productive:

1. Use Molding Clay

Instead of moving on to more difficult mediums to work with, starting with clay that can be mold into an object and remolded when needed is a plus sign for the beginners. Instead of getting frustrated that something is not working out, is is better to begin working with clay only in the beginning of learning tricks and hacks.

2. Practice indoor

You need to make sure your ambiance is perfect for you to practice is suited for an easy surrounding. For example, if you’re working with clay in the sun, the clay would keep melting and it would be rather difficult for you to make it into a shape. If you’re working in cold, it would keep on freezing and give you difficulty in setting it in one place.

3. Choosing Clay and Glaze

If you’re heading out to buy the clay and glaze, make sure their maturing time is matched and can be compensated instead of choosing randomly. It is absolutely necessary for their maturation times to match to make them remain properly gilded into shape without any concerns.

4. Get Beginners Tools

It is important to understand that this habit can be frustrated if you do not get any results soon. Therefore, you need to make sure you have the perfect beginners tools kit at your disposal. This will make things easier and enjoyable. You will not have to worry about getting the edges wrong or smoothing out the shape of the object once you have the tools.

5. Get Inspiration


Instead of starting blind, you need to have motivation and inspiration to work on something that is already present. You need to make sure you have some form of tangible and workable inspiration at your disposal. This will help you set goals and inspiration in tangible form. You cannot simply start off without knowing how the item should turn out like. This is what truly helps you shape your opinions and enjoy the work of art coming into action.

6. Kiln Surfaces

You need to get yourself kiln surfaces to work on. Clay can stick to different surfaces and make you have a hard time removing it when it’s mature and dried. Therefore, it is better to work on the surface that is easily cleaned after your work is done.

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